March 24, 2008

University of Virginia Angers Christians

The University of Virginia student newspaper, The Cavalier published a cartoon in 2006 that had Christians acting like they had got a cross stuck up their ass. See it here.

What has really got the Christians mad is the fact that the newspaper previously published a cartoon making fun of "gay bird" and then later apologized to the gay community at the school. So why won't the paper apologize for this example of religious satire? Because the school's policy dictates that anti-gay is not okay, but religious satire is free game. I applauded these people for not backing down.

So fast forward to this month, the paper has pissed off the Christians again. Another cartoon was made just a few days before Easter depicting Jesus making a few jokes while on a cross. Again, Christians freaked out, but this time the paper reacted differently to the abuse they were getting. After the cartoon was put on the paper's website, it was removed with an apology.

That's freaking bullshit. What ever happened to freedom of speech? This is just another example of how Christians feel like they must have control over everything in the world. It makes me sad that people can get this up in arms about a cartoon. This is just like when a Danish artist made cartoons of Muhammad and the Muslims freaked out. If a little comic strip is this disturbing to your faith, then there is something wrong with your faith, not the cartoon. Source


A Term of Acceptance said...

What indeed did happen to "Freedom of Speech?" and even more disturbing, what happened to "Freedom of inquiry?"

Do you know that by mentioning that evolution may not be how the world came about "whether I'm serious or not" can get me an F in my biology class? (seriously, you're not supposed to even ask questions o.0)

And of course you say that I'm protected by my rights to say and question such things. This is true, but I would still be discriminated against by my professor and likely would get an F because of that.... so much for said freedom.

Another thought, "Politically correctness" says that we cannot make fun of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, the lot of them, or races or colors of skin, or disorders of the mind, or other religions, ect ect ect

but it is just fine with going and slamming Christians and the like because of course, what are they going to do hmmm...?

Tigerboy said...

a term of acceptance:

Evolution says nothing on the subject of how the "world came about." Evolution is not about the origin of life.

Evolution is about the diversity of life. If you don't understand the difference, perhaps that F in biology class was well-earned.

I'm so sorry that you don't get to bully the gays, blacks, or people with "disorders of the mind." Maybe back at the dorm.

The Bayou Rabbi said...

Freedom of speech is only okay if you agree with the christian agenda. If you disagree or don’t believe in their hilariously executed hippie of a “god” then you are wrong. It doesn’t matter if they can’t compile a legitimate argument against you…you are wrong because they say that they are. These people are dangerous and seek to impose their will on everyone! After all; they are the only people who are right! They have been trying to get my blog shut down for weeks. They make threats and they have even contacted my work place. Can you imagine! And you know what they argue? That I have no right to say the things on my blog. Like I said, you can either agree with the christian right and be acceptable or disagree and well you are just plain wrong. Assholes!