March 29, 2008

Church Marquee Sign - Truth Decay

Oh gosh... I just don't even know what to say.

March 28, 2008

I'm Embarassed For This Man!

Okay, brownie points for anybody who can actually make it through this crap. If I heard right, he refers to Jesus as "the morning star" which makes me laugh as "the morning star" is a name of Lucifer.

March 27, 2008

Penn & Teller: Creationism Bullshit

Penn & Teller Creationism Bullshit

If you haven't seen this already, it's pretty good!

March 26, 2008

Jesus Christ: Identity Theft Victim

I don't even know where to begin with this video. Even I, after watching this video said, "Now that's just sacrilegious." I don't even understand what the whole social security thing is about. Firstly, social security has only been around since 1935. Not to mention that many Christians apposed social security because they saw the numbering of citizens as a sign of the end times. Further more, social security is an American government program, and no matter how much you love Jesus or how much you love America, Jesus is not an American. If Jesus really did return to earth, the last place he would show up is the youngest nation in the world.

Then I notice that he's using a credit card. Again, another thing that some Christians have consider a sign of the end times. Not to mention that the card reads that his name is Jesus Christ. Christ is a title, not a last name. This poor kid needs a lot of education in both his religion and his nation's history.

It's videos like this that make Christianity a joke. How can you respect a 1700 year old religion when it's own members treat it's key character and beloved savior like this.

March 25, 2008

The Biggest Bullshit Ever!

There's been a lot of comments from Christians and non-Christians alike this last week or so and that's great. However, for today's post I actually expect us all to agree... for once.

Debbie Shank is a former employee of Wal-Mart. About eight years ago she was involved in a terrible traffic accident that left her brain damaged. Because of the accident she was left in a wheelchair, lost most of her short-term memory, and now must live in a nursing home.

At the time of the accident she was covered under Wal-Mart's health care plan. For her health care Wal-Mart paid out approximately $470,000.

Jump to two years later, Shank was awarded one million dollars from the trucking company that was involved in the crash. After taxes and other expenses she ended up with about $417,000. This money was set aside to ensure that Shank would be able to receive long term care.

A few years later Debbie's son, Jeremy, was sent to Iraq to serve in the military. Two weeks later he was killed in battle. Because of her condition she cannot remember that her son is dead. Even though she attended his funeral, she continues to ask how her son is doing. Every time she must be re-told that he is dead, and she reacts same way she did the first time she was told.

The bullshit started when Wal-Mart found out that she was awarded money from the lawsuit with the trucking company. Wal-Mart decided that because she received $417,000 from the lawsuit with the trucking company, that she needed to pay Wal-Mart back for much of the health care they payed for her; the money she received from the insurance. According to the fine print to Wal-Mart's health insurance plan, if you receive money from a lawsuit, you must pay back whatever amount the insurance paid for health care.

Wal-Mart sued the brain-damaged woman for the $417,000 and won. They appealed to the ruling to the supreme court, but lost.

When Wal-Mart was asked why they pursued the money from a brain-damaged woman considering circumstances, the official word was this, "Wal-Mart's plan is bound by very specific rules. ... We wish it could be more flexible in Mrs. Shank's case since her circumstances are clearly extraordinary, but this is done out of fairness to all associates who contribute to, and benefit from, the plan."

So who do you think really needs and deserves this money? A poor brain damaged woman who's husband works two jobs to pay medical bills. Or a retail giant that made $90 Billion alone in it's 2007 third quarter?

This is pure bullshit. Source

March 24, 2008

University of Virginia Angers Christians

The University of Virginia student newspaper, The Cavalier published a cartoon in 2006 that had Christians acting like they had got a cross stuck up their ass. See it here.

What has really got the Christians mad is the fact that the newspaper previously published a cartoon making fun of "gay bird" and then later apologized to the gay community at the school. So why won't the paper apologize for this example of religious satire? Because the school's policy dictates that anti-gay is not okay, but religious satire is free game. I applauded these people for not backing down.

So fast forward to this month, the paper has pissed off the Christians again. Another cartoon was made just a few days before Easter depicting Jesus making a few jokes while on a cross. Again, Christians freaked out, but this time the paper reacted differently to the abuse they were getting. After the cartoon was put on the paper's website, it was removed with an apology.

That's freaking bullshit. What ever happened to freedom of speech? This is just another example of how Christians feel like they must have control over everything in the world. It makes me sad that people can get this up in arms about a cartoon. This is just like when a Danish artist made cartoons of Muhammad and the Muslims freaked out. If a little comic strip is this disturbing to your faith, then there is something wrong with your faith, not the cartoon. Source

March 23, 2008

I'm Not An Atheist, I'm AntiChristian

Firstly, the usual post on Sunday is meant for Christianity 101 and I'm sure you were all expecting me to talk about the story of Easter. However, I've decided that I think you all have probably had your fill of Jesus today. Any zombie story gives me the heeby jeebies!

I do have a great Easter story to tell though. I was at a department store, meandering down an aisle packed full with Easter candy, looking for a chocolate treat (I love Robin Eggs!). I happened to be wearing my Bad Religion shirt which had a crossed out cross on it (see it here). Down this aisle, unaware of my of how loud I was speaking, I said to my friend, "I hope they have Chocolate Jesus... so I can eat his head off!!!" Four people looked and my friend looked like she was about to die right there.

Anyways, today's post is simply in regard to my beliefs. I would not call myself an Atheist. I would call myself more agnostic. I doubt there is a God... but consider that it is possible. If there is a god or gods, then he, she, it, or they do not interfere with humanity. If he, she, it, or they had the power to create the universe with all it's vastness, complication, and laws then I highly doubt that they would care in the least about who people have sex with, what people eat, when people pray, and most of all, what people have to say in prayer. If there is a god or gods, then he, she, it, or they are morally neutral.

I support Atheism because they are the most untrusted and most hated group of people in the country and there is simply no reason for it. I support people who do not put up with religious bullshit. I honestly don't give a flying fuck about what people believe in private. But the problem is, that in this Country, Christians rule, and their believe effects me and every other American every single day. It is because of Christianity that homosexuals can't get married. I'm not gay, but I've got gay friends and family and even if I didn't I would support the right to marriage for anybody. If Atheists, Hindus, Muslims, and Jews are allowed to get married, why not gays? It's simple, all people in the United States deserve the same right to get married. It's not about special rights, it's about equal rights.

If it weren't for Christians, stem cell research wouldn't be such an issue. It if weren't for Christians, then biology teachers wouldn't have to live in fear for teaching proven scientific theory in their classroom. The current president of the United States believes that it doesn't matter how much he fucks up the world, because soon enough, Jesus will show up and sort it all out (literally!). When a large chunk of Americans believe that Jesus will return within the next fifty years, then we are living in a country that sees no reason to look toward the future.

America is a great country in many ways. All Christians deserve the right to go to church every Sunday and pray to a zombie all they want. I just think they need to learn how to keep it to themselves and not use it to suppress the rights of minorities. I grew up in a Jewish and Christian household, and I find that I am quite knowledgeable regarding those two religions. I might not be as knowledgeable as all the Christians who comment on my site, but I find that I know far more about Christianity than the majority of Christians I run into on a day to day basis. I do strive to learn more and more about religion every day and part of running this site is doing a fair bit or reading, both from professionals and from the people who comment on the blog.

I really do hate religion and religious people, but I find it completely and utterly fascinating nonetheless. Further more I absolutely love religious art. Believe it or not, my room is filled with religious art (my favorite scene being The Annunciation and my favorite character being Mary). I do have a Bible on my desk (New International Version), but it sits right next to my Qu'ran and my Torah, as well as several books on Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Oh and you can't forget my copy of The Satanic Bible!

I embrace science and fact. I do not believe in the theory of evolution because it's not a belief, it's a fact and I accept and acknowledge that fact. I listen to reason and logic, not invisible friends, fathers, or saviors. Religion is a dying thing, and like all dying things, it's gonna put up one hell of fight before it goes down. I support spirituality and mysticism... it's organized religion that I am against, because there is a very small, yet very large difference between the two. Those who are embrace spirituality, are those who are seeking answers, and those who are embrace religion, are those who claim to have the answers.

March 22, 2008

Pray For Our Teens!

This girl has been home schooled (most likely by crazy Christian parents) and clearly cannot see what teen life is about. She obviously doesn’t understand the reason teenagers act the way they do (a little thing called puberty and adolescence). They are struggling with social and self acceptance and identification (for which she is to, just in a different way). Every generation thinks that it’s generation of teens is the worst ever and the world is going to hell in a hand basket because of them.

She says that she is more mature than most teens because she has been home schooled. I disagree; I think she is less educated about the world around her because she has had little to no interaction with people of different belief systems, cultures, and lifestyles. I think if she went to public school for a month and saw that the world is diverse and complicated she might actually mature a little more. When this girl is 25, she’ll look back on this video and see how little she actually knew and how immature she actually was.

I like how she expects that God will do nothing to help teens unless we pray for me. What an asshole God!!!

March 21, 2008

Church Marquee Sign - Powerful Position

Oh yes! Nothing is more powerful than submitting yourself to a megalomaniac God whose expectations you will never be able to live up to.

March 20, 2008

Euthanasia and The Right To Die

I read a sad article today about a poor woman that died recently. But it wasn't sad because she died, it was sad because she should have died a long time ago. In France, a woman named Chantal Sebire was diagnosed with a rare cancer called esthesioneuroblastoma eight years ago. This terrible disease causes her nasal passage to develop tumors that continue to grow exponentially, which makes her eyes and nose bulge out of her face. One cannot even comprehend the pain this must have caused her for eight long years.

The woman was given drugs to help alleviate the pain, but told her doctors time and time again that the drugs did nothing to relieve the excruciating pain. "It is not only the face. Some of my bones are eaten into. I don't have any more upper and lower jaws," she said in an interview last month, according to an Associated Press translation.

The poor woman decided she wanted to die and end her suffering. But French law states that assisted suicide is illegal. The law permits only passive euthanasia such as removing feeding and hydration tubes when a person is in a coma, or inducing a coma and then removing the tubes.

Her lawyer had tried to convince a French court that it was "barbaric" to put her through the ordeal of dying slowly in an artificial coma, something that could take up to two weeks while her three children looked on in anguish.

The French court ruled against euthanasia and turned down the appear. When she wrote to the French president, he told her to seek a second opinion. A whole lot of talk, circular logic, and no action.

This women deserved to put out of her misery like her and her family wanted. Put yourself in her position, would you want to continue living with such extreme excruciating pain everyday, knowing that eventually you will die... slowly and painfully.

But here is the problem... suicide is a sin. A large Christian uprising came from this women's story, with sympathy for her disease, but a point of view that she should not be allowed to receive assisted suicide.

Today in America, euthanasia is illegal as well. Abortian is legal. Euthanasia is illegal. This woman could legally abort a fetus, stopping an unborn child from being born... but she is not allowed to make the decision whether or not to end her own suffering. Everyday, dogs, cats, horses, and more animals are put to death to put them out of their misery. So euthanasia is legal for animals but not for humans.

This poor lady deserved to die when she wanted to. It's her life and she is the only person who should be able to decide when her time on earth is over. Christians are supposed to be about compassion and care. Forcing this poor woman to endure, day after day, excruciating pain, in front of her husband and kids, is wrong. That's not compassion. Source

March 19, 2008

The Force vs. The Faith / Jesus vs. Jedi

This guy is crazy. He's protesting Star Wars because it's causing people to convert to "the force". The best part is when he tells people to give up Star Wars and go watch Kirk Cameron's Left Behind movies. Why? Because Star Wars is fake and Left Behind is real.

March 18, 2008

Editorial: The Human Hand and The Bible

There are two things that all Christians seem to agree about. Firstly, that the Bible is a group of writings divinely inspire by God as an outline on how to live a righteous life. Secondly, God is all powerful, and all knowing, but that he does not interfere with daily life because he has given humanity free will to decide between good and evil. This can be best exampled in the story of Adam and Eve when God gives them the free will to choose which trees to eat from despite being told very specifically which one not to.

So there is this acceptance in the Christian community that humans have free will to disobey God whenever they choose. They also seem to accept that humans by nature do bad things and need rules and structure from God himself. Yet somehow, these same exact Christians feel that all humans who were involved in forming and canonizing the Bible made not one single mistake in it's writing and editing because they were "divinely inspired." But doesn't the word of the Bible, claiming humans are imperfect and often bad by nature proof that the Bible itself is imperfect as well.

Perhaps, God did divinely inspire a work to become the Bible.... but perhaps this work was edited and changed by humans in order to propagate a group of people's own belief system. Perhaps, God did express distaste for homophobia, racism, slavery, and genocide... but because the men who canonized the Bible didn't agree themselves, perhaps they changed it. Or perhaps, they changed everything and left very few actual truths in the Bible. How would the Christian majority feel if they were told that parts of the Bible are bullshit written by humans and other parts are the word of truth from the almighty himself! Would they still follow the entire Bible as the word of God then? What if the real Bible stated that Jesus died for all our sins and that for his sacrifice we are all saved for all eternity whether we accept him as the son of God or not.

Many people are aware of several books of that were almost a part of the Bible often referred to as the Gnostic Bibles. There is no good reason why these texts don't exist in the current Christian Bible except that the Council of Nicaea lead by Roman Emperor Constantine decided so. Why exactly would God allow, possibly inspire, several different books only for a select number of them to make it into a Christian library of texts called The Holy Bible. Some of these books that didn't make it into the Bible represent a far different idea of what and who Jesus was and said. Obviously Christians today do not accept any of these as books as any acceptable part of Christianity... by why? Because the Council of Nicaea decided so? The Apocalypse of Adam tells of alternative Gods. The Gospel of Judas tells of how Judas betrayed Jesus because Jesus told him to. The Gospel of Thomas doesn't even mention Jesus ever being anything God-like. The Gospel of Truth gives a very different story of creation. Why are these books so easily tossed aside while the books that did make it into the Bible considered divine.

I think it is obvious that humans are not perfect. Whether or not the Bible was written by man is not a question, it clearly was. The question at hand is whether or not the Bible was inspired by God and is a work that dictates how humans should live their lives. For me, it is clear that the human hand is responsible for the Bible and that no "ghost writer" was ever present. Even if the Bible was inspired by God, perhaps even written, there was more than enough chance and space for humans, such as Constantine himself or the Council of Nicaea to edit and change the stories of the New Testament to make Christianity fit their idea of the universe. And where there is room or human error and a chance for human corruption, both tend to exist in excess. Whether or you believe that Jesus was the son of God or not, it is clear that the human hand most likely used it's own ability of free will to do what it wanted to ... freely.

March 17, 2008

One Nation "Above" God

According to Christian News Today, a new book is being published called "One Nation "Above" God" by Shane Idleman.

The book will address current issues such as nuclear war and the desensitization of the American people. Further more it will give information on how the American people can rebuild it's ground from the solid past. It is apparently the battle for the soul of the nation! Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council states, "This book can help secure America’s future as ‘one nation under God."

This got me thinking about such a statement. "One Nation Under God!" It means absolutely nothing! Even better it's only existed for about 54 years (the phrase was added in 1954). The only thing it seems to suggest is that you are not a part of this nation if you do not submit to God (sounds like Islam to me!)

Christians seem to be extremely offended by the mere idea of this phrases removal. It is of course those who are not old enough to remember when it was added. I can remember having to recite the pledge during my first grade class and very intentionally not saying "One nation under God." My first grade teacher questioned by reasoning and I replied, "Because I don't believe in God... this part doesn't apply to me" Of course, wearing the crucifix around her neck as she was, she immediately sent me to detention and wrote a note home to my parents. My father told me that I had to say it whether I believe it or not. My grandmother told me that baby Jesus cried if I didn't say it.

What exactly makes this country "under God." Supporters say the inclusion is acceptable because it doesn't say which God. I have to disagree... considering that in Islam and Christianity, God's name is pretty much "God." So this means that only people or Christianity or Islam are a true part of this nation. What about my best friend? He's a practicing pagan? He believes in multiple Gods! Does that mean he is not a part of this nation. I believe in no Gods. Are we both excluded?

There are several people who don't seem to care about this phrase. I think it's important and should be removed. Conservatives long for the familiar and Godly past. I long for the past as well. Fifty-four years ago when this phrase, "one nation under God", didn't exist.

March 16, 2008

Christianity 101: Abraham and Isaac

Too often I find that many Agnostic, Atheist, and AntiChristian youth that don't actually know the stories of the Bible. Even worse I often see people who claim to be Christian's who don't even know the stories of the Bible. Although I am not a Christian, I do see the importance of understanding such a worldwide book that has influenced the greatest art and literature of the last 1500 years. It's important to know and understand whether you believe in it or not.

So this week I start with the story of the first man to have faith, Abraham. Often Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are referred to as Abrahamic religions because of this man. The story is often referred to as the Binding of Isaac or the Sacrifice of Isaac. The story remains the same between the Torah and the Bible, however the Qu'ran states that it was Abraham's son Ismael in the story and not his son Isaac. This story is believed to have occurred around 2000 BCE by most Christians.

The story begins with God apparently deciding that he needs to show humanity that he is unlike the heathen god idols of the pagan religions. God tells Abraham that he wishes for him to sacrifice his only begotten son, Isaac. Right here we have several issues regarding not only how many sons Abraham actually had but how many wives he had. And as the Bible gives very little to suggest a time line, it is hard to tell which if any of this came first.

There are a couple Biblical cites that show that Abraham really did only have one son, Isaac:

Hebrews 11:17
By faith Abraham when he was tried, offered up Isaac, ... his only begotten son.
Genesis 22:2
Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, ... and offer him there for a burnt offering.
There are more cites to suggest that Isaac was not Abraham's only son. Apparently God either had issues counting or just wasn't paying that good of attention to Abraham's family.

Genesis 16:15
And Hagar bare Abraham a son: and Abram called his son's name, which Hagar bare, Ishmael.
Genesis 21:2-3
For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son is his old age .... And Abraham called him Isaac.
Genesis 25:1-2
Then again Abraham took a wife, and her name was Keturah. And she bare him Zimran, and Jokshan, and Medan, and Midian, and Ishbak, and Shuah.
Galatians 4:22
Abraham had two sons; the one by a bond-woman, and the other by a free woman.
Despite all this Christians still tend to believe that Abraham only had one son and one wife, Isaac and Sarah respectively.

So not for one moment does Abraham doubt this immediate order from God. Thus we have the first man to have faith. He had faith in a God that demanded him to murder his (only) son. Now if you are confused, wondering why the loving God of the Bible is demanding blood you must remember that God didn't become a loving God until the New Testament. This is the God of the Torah, the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible... named Yahweh. Yahweh is anything but loving! At times he's a freaking megalomaniac!

So Abraham grabs two guys, his son, and an ass carrying wood for burning. He walked with his son for two days to the north mountain. Apparently God needed a very specific place for this sacrifice. Most likely because God is up above and the higher Abraham was to the sky the closer he was to God.

Next they get to the mountain and Abraham tells the two men to stay with the ass while he and his son go up to the mountain to worship. He tells them that they will both be back down soon enough. So either Abraham was keeping this all a secret from Isaac or he expected God to resurrect Isaac after the sacrifice.

Eventually they get to the top of the mountain and Abraham takes the time to build an altar out of earth and stone. I wonder if Isaac helped his father build his soon to be death bed?

Somehow Abraham managed to tie Isaac's feet and hands down to the altar. Here more speculation comes to the age of Isaac. For much of Christian and Jewish history it has been believed that Isaac was an older son, possibly as old as thirty-seven years old. This would make him old enough and strong enough to overpower his father if he wanted to. However, many Christians today believe that Isaac may have been far younger.

The moment of truth comes and Abraham pulls out a knife and holds it above his head. Ready to murder, an angel stops him from killing his son, not a moment too soon. According to Jewish teachings this angel was the ArchAngel Metatron. Christians often do not discern a name or any notability to the angel.

God says to Abraham, "Do not lay your hand upon your son. Do no harm to him. Now I know that you love God more than you love your only son, and that you are obedient to God, since you are ready to give up your son, your only son, to God."

Suddenly a ram appears for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son. Christians believe that God did this to show Abraham that he did not want human sacrifices like the pagan idols of the past. However, apparently God was all for animal sacrifices. And from then on, everybody knew that God did not want humans killed in his name, that that he cherished the life of men... but that he loved it when you killed animals.

This story represents a lot of what Christians today seem to believe. There is this feeling that all human life is precious. However, animals are somehow lesser than humans and deserve to die for God. This is shown several times throughout the Bible leading Christians to the belief that God places all animals on this earth to serve men. Horses to ride, cows to eat, dogs to be pets, and goats to sacrifice to show God your love for him. Obviously the Bible fails to mention that man domesticated these animals to serve them themselves and that these animals did not serve humans until after humans made them do so. Often Christians like to say that all life is precious and that God doesn't want any creature to be slain. This is nice and pretty but this idea is not a Biblical idea at all. It is through the evolution of humanity that we see animals as having pain and that we want to end their suffering. God however, cares not in the least if animals suffer and die and this can be show time and time again through the Bible, including the story of Abraham and Isaac. I cannot think of a single line of the Bible that shows that God gives a damn about the wellbeing of animals. Personally I wouldn't want to pray to any God that cared for the fate of one species out of billions purely because we are the most intelegent and advanced on Earth. If the Christian God truly was an all loving being then he would care for all his creation, not only the ones that kiss his ass and lick his boots.

March 15, 2008

Because Voting Simply Isn't Enough

Because apparently voting for president isn't going to be enough, GodTube is asking for Christians to pray this election season. Perhaps God is a super delegate?

Now honestly, isn't praying a way of cheating? I mean, if God has the power change the outcome of the vote, then asking him to do so in your favor is like asking an poll worker to cheat the system as well.

If I was a praying man then I would pray that God leave his nubby little fingers out of this election and actually let the democratic process do it's work. Where was God the last two elections? Perhaps he was undecided...

March 14, 2008

Church Marquee Sign ~ The Rapture

Since when is the separation of Church and State a bad thing!? Our country is founded on this idea!!! Even better they spelled separation incorrectly!

March 13, 2008

The 2007 Films That Christians Hated

According to The Christian Post online an unnamed Christian film site has awarded some Rotten Banana awards to the worst movies of 2007.

• The Anti-Christian Bowling Award "There Will Be Blood" – Worst Anti-Christian Stereotype
• The Trashing Teenagers Award "Superbad" – Worst Comedy Aimed at Youth
• The Audience Torture Award "Hostel:II" – Worst Sadomasochism
• The Waiting for Judgment Day Award "The Ten" – Worst Anti-Semitic Blasphemy
• The Hugh Heffner Frankenstein Award "Good Luck Chuck" – Worst Sexual Insanity
• The Satan's Kitchen Award "Sweeney Todd" – Worst Cannibalism
• The Idiots for Life Award "Knocked Up" – Worst Vulgar Romance
• The Pathetic Perversion Award "LUST, Caution" – Worst Sadistic Sex
• The Osama Bin Laden Award "Lions for Lambs" – Worst Anti-Americanism
• The Reviling American GIs Award "Redacted" – Worst Anti-Military Stereotypes
• The Snake Oil Huckster Award "Sicko"– Worst Liberal Propaganda
• The Fools Gold Award "The Golden Compass" – Worst Atheist Role Model
• The Real Dark Ages Award "Across the Universe" – Worst LSD Trip
• The Unhappy Nymphomaniac Award "2 Days in Paris" – Worst Immoral Art
• The Greedy Guru Award "Milarepa: Magician, Murderer, Saint" – Worst Tibetan Revenge Story
• The Friendly Witch Award "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" – Worst Anti-Biblical Rebellion
• The Et Tu Brutus Directing Award "Charlie Wilson's War" – Worst Historical Fiction
• The Sodom & Gomorrah Award "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" – Worst Gender Bending Fantasy
• The Uncle Joe Stalin Award "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" – Worst Communist Propaganda
• The Senseless Stupidity Award "Epic Movie" – Worst Vulgar Satire

I never saw "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" but something tells me that it was more of a comedy, and that Adam Sandler and Kevin James aren't exactly high up on the gay fantasy list. Nor did I see "Epic Movie", which couldn't be anything other than vulgar considering it's coming from the same people as the Scary Movie series. As for "Accross The Universe", again I never saw but judging from the award I can tell that Christian's still hate the Beatles.

I did see "Sweeny Todd", "The Golden Compass", and "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix", and I must say that I'm not at all suprised that the Christians hate those. "The Golden Compass" was definitely watered down from the book and I can only hope the much better sequel books are made into films because they are far more AntiChristian. As for Harry Potter, they still cannot get over the witchcraft thing, especially when the Harry Potter books are by far very Christian underneath it all. I wonder what they will do when they find out the last book is going to be made into two films making a grand total of eight Harry Potter movies. I also saw "Good Luck Chuck" and honestly... it sucked.

Lastly, I haven't seen "Sicko", but I think I'm going to have to now since they are calling liberal propaganda!

March 12, 2008

The Jerry Falwell Explanation

When I think about the worst of the worst when it comes to religious nut cases out there I think of the late Rev Jerry Falwell. Whenever you want to show exactly how terrible the Christian faith can be Jerry Falwell is a shining example of the contemporary conservative Christian. I don't usually like to speak ill of the dead... but thank "God" this bastard is in the ground!

If your new to the AntiChristian world you might not have heard the great things the Reverend had to say about what is truly at the root of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. Now if the The World Trade Center towers were by chance completely filled with Pagans, lesbians, feminists, abortionists, Atheists, and Harry Potter books then Falwell might have had a point. But seeing as the victims of this terrorist attack were people of every walk of life, Falwell's words mean nothing.

March 11, 2008

New Rules: Vatican Style!

So a few days ago the Catholic Emperor... I mean Pope decided that the list of sins was simply not good enough for todays society. But what does this mean for our poor Christian youth struggling to live a Christ-like existence. Well firstly, you can stop rolling that joint right now if you know what's good for you... and don't even think about taking that Advil for your headache. Drugs are big no-no in this brave new Heaven. But I'm curious if this new ban on drugs extends to only drugs that each specific nation has deemed "illegal" or does it mean that old grandma can't take her Alzheimer's medication. If she can't take her pills she might forget it's a sin to take them! Not to mention caffeine and nicotine are drugs. Should I put down my soda and cigarette?

Lucky for me I already recycle, because if I didn't I might be on a one way trip to hell! (That's a trip as in a journey, not the kinda trip I'm no longer allowed to have thanks to these new rules.) Morally dubious acts such as stem cell research are no longer allowed either. I'm starting to think that this new Pope just hates the idea of medical treatment. Must have had a bad colonoscopy... perhaps the doctor left something up there!

Birth control is now a sin. So I wonder what a poor married couple is to do if they just don't want any more kids. Does this new sin include condoms, pills, IUDs, and birth control surgery? Eek! I simply cannot believe how much the church is against sex!!! Even holy marital sex isn't allowed if it isn't meant to make a baby.

The last three sins can all be grouped together; contributing to widen the divide between the rich and the poor, excessive wealth, and creating poverty. So finally George W. Bush is now going to hell for sure! Now I wonder, does the sin of excessive wealth include the Pope's giant hat?

The sins themselves are all bullshit because of what they are all meant to do, which is to creat a list of sins that blankets an entire society, even the world. No longer is it good enough to point out a person's individual sins but now you are sinning simply by contributing to a society. The US, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Canada and pretty much every single country in the world is currently breaking every single one of these new social sins. Is this finally proof that we all truely are going to hell? All I can say is that the late Reverend Jerry Falwell's journey to heaven is gonna be a photo finish!

March 10, 2008

The Phoenix Has Risen

Not long ago The Crazy Christian Blog bit the dust. The author as you knew him, Ryan Green gave up the site and deleted both it's Blogger and MySpace version. The pressure, the work, and his personal life took over and he couldn't run the blog anymore. Several years ago Ryan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He had it under control and his treatment was working fine. But his personal life took over and after he split with his partner he stopped taking his medications and quit his job. He decided he needed to focus solely on his education. After all this, he couldn't take it anymore and he deleted the blog. The last time I spoke with him was last weekend. He told me he was getting things settled at his new place with his sister. He seems to be doing well and getting his life back on track. He told me that he had fun with The Crazy Christian Blog but that it didn't really interest him anymore.

That's where I come in. My name is Phoenix (okay no, that's not my real name but that's what you will know me by). I worked with Ryan and was a pretty good friend of his. I supported his blog and what he did. I was more than disappointed to find one day that the blog no longer existed. After he deleted the blog he told me that if I wanted it, I could have it. However... at the time I was not so interested considering that he had just up and deleted it without warning.

But as you can see after weeks of consideration I've decided to revive The Crazy Christian Blog and plan to keep it up. Personally, I'm very different than Ryan. Professionally, I'm very similar. I followed his blog for the majority of it's existence and I know generally how he ran it. Ryan has also given me a lot of the documents he had left over to help reconstruct it. I will try to do my best to keep the same atmosphere and hope that readers and supporters of the blog new and old will embrace this resurrection. Blogger readers can see that the blogger site is very similar to Ryan's design. MySpace readers will see something. I am still doing a lot changes and trying to get everything up and running so please bear with me. Hopefully together this Phoenix will not only rise from the ashes, but will fly.