March 23, 2008

I'm Not An Atheist, I'm AntiChristian

Firstly, the usual post on Sunday is meant for Christianity 101 and I'm sure you were all expecting me to talk about the story of Easter. However, I've decided that I think you all have probably had your fill of Jesus today. Any zombie story gives me the heeby jeebies!

I do have a great Easter story to tell though. I was at a department store, meandering down an aisle packed full with Easter candy, looking for a chocolate treat (I love Robin Eggs!). I happened to be wearing my Bad Religion shirt which had a crossed out cross on it (see it here). Down this aisle, unaware of my of how loud I was speaking, I said to my friend, "I hope they have Chocolate Jesus... so I can eat his head off!!!" Four people looked and my friend looked like she was about to die right there.

Anyways, today's post is simply in regard to my beliefs. I would not call myself an Atheist. I would call myself more agnostic. I doubt there is a God... but consider that it is possible. If there is a god or gods, then he, she, it, or they do not interfere with humanity. If he, she, it, or they had the power to create the universe with all it's vastness, complication, and laws then I highly doubt that they would care in the least about who people have sex with, what people eat, when people pray, and most of all, what people have to say in prayer. If there is a god or gods, then he, she, it, or they are morally neutral.

I support Atheism because they are the most untrusted and most hated group of people in the country and there is simply no reason for it. I support people who do not put up with religious bullshit. I honestly don't give a flying fuck about what people believe in private. But the problem is, that in this Country, Christians rule, and their believe effects me and every other American every single day. It is because of Christianity that homosexuals can't get married. I'm not gay, but I've got gay friends and family and even if I didn't I would support the right to marriage for anybody. If Atheists, Hindus, Muslims, and Jews are allowed to get married, why not gays? It's simple, all people in the United States deserve the same right to get married. It's not about special rights, it's about equal rights.

If it weren't for Christians, stem cell research wouldn't be such an issue. It if weren't for Christians, then biology teachers wouldn't have to live in fear for teaching proven scientific theory in their classroom. The current president of the United States believes that it doesn't matter how much he fucks up the world, because soon enough, Jesus will show up and sort it all out (literally!). When a large chunk of Americans believe that Jesus will return within the next fifty years, then we are living in a country that sees no reason to look toward the future.

America is a great country in many ways. All Christians deserve the right to go to church every Sunday and pray to a zombie all they want. I just think they need to learn how to keep it to themselves and not use it to suppress the rights of minorities. I grew up in a Jewish and Christian household, and I find that I am quite knowledgeable regarding those two religions. I might not be as knowledgeable as all the Christians who comment on my site, but I find that I know far more about Christianity than the majority of Christians I run into on a day to day basis. I do strive to learn more and more about religion every day and part of running this site is doing a fair bit or reading, both from professionals and from the people who comment on the blog.

I really do hate religion and religious people, but I find it completely and utterly fascinating nonetheless. Further more I absolutely love religious art. Believe it or not, my room is filled with religious art (my favorite scene being The Annunciation and my favorite character being Mary). I do have a Bible on my desk (New International Version), but it sits right next to my Qu'ran and my Torah, as well as several books on Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Oh and you can't forget my copy of The Satanic Bible!

I embrace science and fact. I do not believe in the theory of evolution because it's not a belief, it's a fact and I accept and acknowledge that fact. I listen to reason and logic, not invisible friends, fathers, or saviors. Religion is a dying thing, and like all dying things, it's gonna put up one hell of fight before it goes down. I support spirituality and mysticism... it's organized religion that I am against, because there is a very small, yet very large difference between the two. Those who are embrace spirituality, are those who are seeking answers, and those who are embrace religion, are those who claim to have the answers.


A Term of Acceptance said...

"I embrace science and fact. I do not believe in the theory of evolution because it's not a belief, it's a fact and I accept and acknowledge that fact."

I have just one question then. According to evolution everything came from a single cell yes? ok and that cell came from where?

there are several theories on that
piggybacking on crystals, electric current, and primordial soup among them.

So anyway, evolution also states that in all these theories the cell developed slowly over time protein by protein piece by piece yes?

ok then you should know that if you remove the very tiniest and most insignificant protein of any living cell it will die withing minutes. The chance of all protiens being present at once in the right alignment to for the most very simple DNA strand (and not a dual-helix strand at that)are 1 in 1x10 to the 23rd power...

but ok let's just say that the cell was there for some reason or another. Ok then that's all well and done but then one begs to questions, where did physics come from?

Why do larger objects attract things to themselves? (gravity)
Why do like charges repel and opposites attract?

where did such things come from?

Also you do realize that when Darwin created his theory, if Darwin thought of a cell being compared to the complexity of say a Cadilac, then the cell we know about to day is as complex as the entire universe put together. They had nearly no idea about it...

But all this has been speculation. I am not an evolutionist for PURELY scientifical reasons.

and I could list dozens but we'll stick with some that even evolutionists agree with then ignore.
1: One of the laws of science states that things continue to decay or erode and decrease at a fixed rate defined by a mathematical function of time to decay. This is agreed upon by scientists (hence it is a LAW)

ok so if said law is true then this planet can not be more than 30thousand years old, why?

because since the 1800s measurements of the earth's electromagnetic field have been taken, these have been compared and said law has been used to create a mathematical function for the rate of decay. Well if you work backwards, the increase in the worlds electromagnectic field after 30thousand years is equivalent to a black hole....

this also works in the forward, the earth will not be able to sustain life in 10thousadn years as said field will be too weak and therefore destroy our atmosphere...

next of course we have the size of the sun which is getting smaller at a steady rate meaning if it were millions of years old.... everything in the universe would have been sucked into it because of its great gravity potential.....

No bones or other archaeological finds have EVER found ANYTHING that is part one thing part another (anything in between species or stages of evolution)

Carbon Dating is a sham and anyone distinguished scientist will tell you so (and there are THOUSANDS of examples)

Adding billions upon billions of years does NOT increase the probability of an impossible event occurring.

And finally many many evolutionistic founders admitted later in life that they were wrong and that evolution is only a theory with little to no proof of which to stand on.

PS: lol I just had the thought that if I said this to my biology instructor he'd probably flip out or throw/hit me and likely expel me lol. oh well...

Please note that I did not mean to attack you or your beliefs in any way. I just wanted to point out some things that have been proven that are incompatible with any million year theory.......

no hard feelings?
if not I'd love to hear your side of things and am open to discussion :-)

Tigerboy said...

a term of acceptance:

You want SO much for Evolution to be about the origin of life. Evolution has nothing to say on the topic. Evolution is about the diversity of life.

Evolution is not about the origin of the universe, not about the origin of the planet, not about the origin of physics, not about the origin of gravity, not about the origin of life. Not about the origin of ANYTHING.

Evolution is about the diversity of life.


Science does not claim to understand the origin of life. But then, this is exactly why science is credible and religion is not. Science NEVER makes knowledge claims about that which it unknown. It makes hypotheses. Then it looks for evidence, for proof.

Religion has NO credibility because it frequently (constantly) makes knowledge claims about things that are, BY DEFINITION, unknowable. That's why they call it "faith."

Believing things for which there is no evidence is NOT noble. It's not a sign of great insight or of great character. It's foolish.

"No bones or other archaeological finds have EVER found ANYTHING that is part one thing part another (anything in between species or stages of evolution)"

All one must do is enter "Observed Instances of Speciation" into google and one will find hundreds of pages of peer-reviewed articles with examples of just exactly what you claim has never been observed.

And finally, you are correct that "adding billions upon billions of years does NOT increase the probability of an impossible event occurring."

However, adding billions and billions of years to a statistically remote possibility, even 1 in 1x10 to the 23rd power, great eons of time makes even unlikely events unavoidable. Your mental leap from "highly remote" to "impossible" demonstrates the human limitations to understand great epochs of time. If something truly has a possibility of occurring, even an unimaginably remote possibility, given enough time . . . . . . it'll happen.

Tigerboy said...

I think people confuse Evolution as being about the origins of things because Darwin's book was called "The Origin of Species."

Evolution is NOT about origins.

It explains life's diversity. (And quite elegantly, too.)

Tigerboy said...

I also have to add, Mr/Ms Term of Acceptance, that the way you end your above post makes you sound like a much nicer person than in the next thread where you bemoan the lack of the right to make fun of gays and blacks and people with "disorders of the mind."

What was that about?

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