March 17, 2008

One Nation "Above" God

According to Christian News Today, a new book is being published called "One Nation "Above" God" by Shane Idleman.

The book will address current issues such as nuclear war and the desensitization of the American people. Further more it will give information on how the American people can rebuild it's ground from the solid past. It is apparently the battle for the soul of the nation! Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council states, "This book can help secure America’s future as ‘one nation under God."

This got me thinking about such a statement. "One Nation Under God!" It means absolutely nothing! Even better it's only existed for about 54 years (the phrase was added in 1954). The only thing it seems to suggest is that you are not a part of this nation if you do not submit to God (sounds like Islam to me!)

Christians seem to be extremely offended by the mere idea of this phrases removal. It is of course those who are not old enough to remember when it was added. I can remember having to recite the pledge during my first grade class and very intentionally not saying "One nation under God." My first grade teacher questioned by reasoning and I replied, "Because I don't believe in God... this part doesn't apply to me" Of course, wearing the crucifix around her neck as she was, she immediately sent me to detention and wrote a note home to my parents. My father told me that I had to say it whether I believe it or not. My grandmother told me that baby Jesus cried if I didn't say it.

What exactly makes this country "under God." Supporters say the inclusion is acceptable because it doesn't say which God. I have to disagree... considering that in Islam and Christianity, God's name is pretty much "God." So this means that only people or Christianity or Islam are a true part of this nation. What about my best friend? He's a practicing pagan? He believes in multiple Gods! Does that mean he is not a part of this nation. I believe in no Gods. Are we both excluded?

There are several people who don't seem to care about this phrase. I think it's important and should be removed. Conservatives long for the familiar and Godly past. I long for the past as well. Fifty-four years ago when this phrase, "one nation under God", didn't exist.


shane said...

Phoenix, if you have any specific questions about the content of the book ONE NATION ABOVE GOD, I'd be happy to answer them for you. I came across your blog when I was checking on the status of some orders.
Shane Idleman