March 13, 2008

The 2007 Films That Christians Hated

According to The Christian Post online an unnamed Christian film site has awarded some Rotten Banana awards to the worst movies of 2007.

• The Anti-Christian Bowling Award "There Will Be Blood" – Worst Anti-Christian Stereotype
• The Trashing Teenagers Award "Superbad" – Worst Comedy Aimed at Youth
• The Audience Torture Award "Hostel:II" – Worst Sadomasochism
• The Waiting for Judgment Day Award "The Ten" – Worst Anti-Semitic Blasphemy
• The Hugh Heffner Frankenstein Award "Good Luck Chuck" – Worst Sexual Insanity
• The Satan's Kitchen Award "Sweeney Todd" – Worst Cannibalism
• The Idiots for Life Award "Knocked Up" – Worst Vulgar Romance
• The Pathetic Perversion Award "LUST, Caution" – Worst Sadistic Sex
• The Osama Bin Laden Award "Lions for Lambs" – Worst Anti-Americanism
• The Reviling American GIs Award "Redacted" – Worst Anti-Military Stereotypes
• The Snake Oil Huckster Award "Sicko"– Worst Liberal Propaganda
• The Fools Gold Award "The Golden Compass" – Worst Atheist Role Model
• The Real Dark Ages Award "Across the Universe" – Worst LSD Trip
• The Unhappy Nymphomaniac Award "2 Days in Paris" – Worst Immoral Art
• The Greedy Guru Award "Milarepa: Magician, Murderer, Saint" – Worst Tibetan Revenge Story
• The Friendly Witch Award "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" – Worst Anti-Biblical Rebellion
• The Et Tu Brutus Directing Award "Charlie Wilson's War" – Worst Historical Fiction
• The Sodom & Gomorrah Award "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" – Worst Gender Bending Fantasy
• The Uncle Joe Stalin Award "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" – Worst Communist Propaganda
• The Senseless Stupidity Award "Epic Movie" – Worst Vulgar Satire

I never saw "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" but something tells me that it was more of a comedy, and that Adam Sandler and Kevin James aren't exactly high up on the gay fantasy list. Nor did I see "Epic Movie", which couldn't be anything other than vulgar considering it's coming from the same people as the Scary Movie series. As for "Accross The Universe", again I never saw but judging from the award I can tell that Christian's still hate the Beatles.

I did see "Sweeny Todd", "The Golden Compass", and "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix", and I must say that I'm not at all suprised that the Christians hate those. "The Golden Compass" was definitely watered down from the book and I can only hope the much better sequel books are made into films because they are far more AntiChristian. As for Harry Potter, they still cannot get over the witchcraft thing, especially when the Harry Potter books are by far very Christian underneath it all. I wonder what they will do when they find out the last book is going to be made into two films making a grand total of eight Harry Potter movies. I also saw "Good Luck Chuck" and honestly... it sucked.

Lastly, I haven't seen "Sicko", but I think I'm going to have to now since they are calling liberal propaganda!