March 28, 2008

I'm Embarassed For This Man!

Okay, brownie points for anybody who can actually make it through this crap. If I heard right, he refers to Jesus as "the morning star" which makes me laugh as "the morning star" is a name of Lucifer.


Sidharth said...

So you're a racist. =)

Satan was called Lucifer once. Lucifer simply means "Light bearer". He was a cherubim who had intruments built within him....he was the most beautiful angel....and led worship in the heavenly realm. BUT Lucifer fell....and now he is the prince of darkness....

Today we have one man who is an exact representation of God...and He is the man Jesus.

Can we have chat on Gmail on God-issue?


Daryl said...

I really enjoyed all the interesting information and things that I saw and am going to definately refer this information to others. Thank you so much!

Marty said...

Jesus is referred to as "the bright and morning star" (Rev 22:16).

Lucifer is referred to as "son of the morning" (Isaiah 14:12).

The word "lucifer" means "morning star" and is the Latin name for the planet Venus. The word "lucifer" is the Hebrew word heylel, which is "light-bearer" or shining one.

In Rev. 22:16, each word in the text is separated. For example, "bright and morning star" is originally written and transliterated in the Hebrew text as "lampros kai orthrinos aster."

"lampros kai orthrinos aster" is translated word for word. "lampros" means "bright," "kai" means "and," "orthrinos" means "morning" and "aster" means "star." In other words, it is not like "lucifer" which is a single word that is translated into something specific.

Thus, Jesus is not the same as "lucifer." In Rev. 22:16, Jesus calls himself the "bright and morning star" because he is referring to Numbers 24:17. Basically, Jesus is saying, "I - as God. Am the root - And source of David's family and kingdom; as man, an descended from his loins. I am the star out of Jacob (Num 24:17); like the bright morning star, who put an end to the night of ignorance, sin, and sorrow, and usher in an eternal day of light, purity, and joy." In other words, He is the morning star that ushered in the day of grace in the beginning of this dispensation (church age) and that shall usher in the everlasting day of glory at its close.

You are just as ignorant as the other God-haters. You speak of things you do not fully understand. Please stop posting things about Christian, the bible, Jesus and God that are pure ignorant lies!