March 22, 2008

Pray For Our Teens!

This girl has been home schooled (most likely by crazy Christian parents) and clearly cannot see what teen life is about. She obviously doesn’t understand the reason teenagers act the way they do (a little thing called puberty and adolescence). They are struggling with social and self acceptance and identification (for which she is to, just in a different way). Every generation thinks that it’s generation of teens is the worst ever and the world is going to hell in a hand basket because of them.

She says that she is more mature than most teens because she has been home schooled. I disagree; I think she is less educated about the world around her because she has had little to no interaction with people of different belief systems, cultures, and lifestyles. I think if she went to public school for a month and saw that the world is diverse and complicated she might actually mature a little more. When this girl is 25, she’ll look back on this video and see how little she actually knew and how immature she actually was.

I like how she expects that God will do nothing to help teens unless we pray for me. What an asshole God!!!


A Term of Acceptance said...

Interesting comment you made. I am in college now and was home-schooled for "most" (excluding 4th 6th and kindergarten grades) of my life. So I will agree with you, Home-schooled children/teens especially are "socially inept". "we" have not had the "experience" that you public schoolers have had your entire lives and I agree with that. Now I am in college and see what you always have, and if I may say so, it is what I had thought it would be.

First what is maturity? What is it that we measure this thing (maturity) by? Is it your ability to adapt and be suitably inscribes in the social communities of life? Perhaps it is more along the lines of your ability to judge right from wrong? Perhaps even it is the level at which you are able to function as an adult (whatever that may mean). Or even, your intelligence level in comparison with others of your age in previous generations.

As defined in Webster's Dictionary, Maturity is: "The state or quality of being mature." ok then so what is Mature? :"Of, relating to, or characteristic of full development, either mental or physical" ok so what is "Immature" : "Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity: silly, immature behavior."

Ok so now that that is defined I will stop blabbering on and get to the reason I wrote this response.

Why is this person considered Immature? How do you define the word? If you are foolish enough to take a relative term and apply it over a broad spectrum then please stop me now so I do not continue to waste my time.

If not, then I will continue. Is it considered immature or mature to questions one's surroundings and the beliefs of others? Is it immature or mature to generalize about a group of people based on stereotypical propaganda?

Ok if that is too difficult a question let me rephrase this.

Who is the more mature, she who is willing to share her beliefs and give her opinion based on what she has been taught (whether this teaching was baseless crazy Christianity or applied science), or you who attacks her ideas with baseless fact-less stereotypical arguments?
Come sir, if you want to attack Crazy Christians then please don;t drag yourself down to their level of baseless beliefs. You slam them for doing what you ourself just did...
I may totally agree with your points in this topic, but please, you make us all look bad with your un-evolved and petty approach at arguing the point.
I admire what you are doing here. That is why I came to check out the sight. But just rambling on about how you are wrong and they are right never will solve anything. If it makes you feel better to do so, then please yell at me too. I just hope that eventually you will rise above these people that you criticize and not go down to their level of baseless accusations.

Never answer a fool according to his folly, lest you become as foolish as he.

remember that.